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Lighting & Control

According to the Energy Conservation Enhancement Project at Louisiana State University, "20% of all electricity produced in the U.S. is used for lighting, but 50% of that is wasted by inefficient lighting sources and/or careless usage of lighting"

Lighting Control, including dimming and switching, can be used to enhance your lifestyle by adding convenience, flexibility and security. You can save energy, extend your bulbs lifetime, set a mood, create ambiance,...

Lighting Control is one of the fastest growing home technologies because they offer a measurable impact on lowering energy usage, improving quality of life and home value. They are not gadgets. They're lifestyle enhancements.

Home owners often ask: Which level of control is right for me? The answer is: You need to think about what you want your lighting to do to enhance your lifestyle and save energy? Control options range from simple dimmer toggle or paddle switches to whole-house lighting control systems with custom programmed lighting scenes. The right choice depends on the home owners desired level of control and budget.

If you're like most people, it happens everyday, multiple times per day. Somebody in your home forgets to turn off the lights in a room or area, sometimes for hours or days, wasting energy and creating unnecessary heat. Lighting control can solve this problem by giving you the ability to turn on/off any lights from any switches and/or by using occupancy sensors.

In existing homes, the cost and hassle of re-wiring for lighting control is a huge obstacle that most are unwilling to pursue. Fortunately, homeowners can adopt convenient and economical lighting control using your existing wiring with many of today's retrofit lighting control solutions.

With the skyrocking cost of energy these days, why not convert to cost efficient LED lighting. We have many options and resources to provide conversion to LED lighting for new and existing homes and businesses.

Custom wall plates matching your decor can be created for you


Clutter Control

Eliminate the clutter of a wall filled with light switches, audio controls, thermostats, and security keypads. Touch Screen controllers consolidate them all into the stylish Color Touchscreen Amplifier to control your audio, security systems, cameras, temperature, lights, shades, fountains, theater screens and more. The result is a much cleaner, sophisticated room design.

Clutter Control


Climate Control

Turn up the heat, cool things down or let the system do it all for you automatically. That’s the beauty of a completely integrated Touch Screen controller.

Security Control

With a Touch Screen controller, it’s never been easier to come home to a safe and secure home. The same touch screens used to control lighting, audio, cameras and climate systems, can also serve as virtual security system keypads—providing the convenience of managing the system from any room, but without another keypad on the wall.




Put a window to the world in every room of the house. With the touch of a button, see who’s at the front door, check on the kids in the playroom, or see what’s happening at the vacation house.

Instant, intuitive control of your home’s CCTV cameras is made possible with a Touch Screen controller. 



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Last modified: May 02, 2012