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Home Theater

At Sound and Cinema, we bring the "Big Screen" theater experience to your home but without the sticky floors and overpriced popcorn. We work together with you from start to finish to design and install your homes entertainment systems. 

Today's HDTV and Hi-Fi technology allow you to experience eye popping video with unbelievable color and detail and to hear crisp clear sound naturally from all around you as it should be. 

Best of all, prices will continue to drop and enhancements will continually be introduced. A high performance home theater is quite affordable for even the average household now days.  


For surround sound, you can consider in-wall or in-ceiling speakers, traditional floor standing, cabinet  models or even hidden speakers. Each type of speaker varies in application, performance and price point. We will configure a completely balanced system to fit your viewing & listening preferences whilst blending in with your decor.

For video, you can go with Plasma, LCD, LED, or an overhead Projector with a cinema style drop down or fixed screen. Once again these are some examples of available display technologies. We will configure a system based on your preferences and fit to your lifestyle and budget. 


We use integrated structural and room acoustics for those audiophiles who demand ultimate sound quality and to keep sound from penetrating into other parts of the home.


LCD Flat Panels - Ideal for kitchen, bath and just about anywhere you can think of


Your home is most likely your greatest financial asset. Even if your not considering a home theater today, it makes complete sense to future proof your home for entertainment and communication systems you may want tomorrow. Post construction retro-wiring is costly and often requires significant refinishing.  

A connected home:

bulletincreases the resale value of your home
bulletsupports current and future technologies
bulletallows for room to room communication, no more yelling across the house
bulletcreates a family environment - grows relationships


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Last modified: May 02, 2012